Ep 6 Sangria with Michael and Andrew

16 May 2017

Michael and Andrew are one of my favorite couples over the years. They discuss their experience planning their wedding and all the dram that comes with that.


This episode’s drinks:

Fake It Sangria!


Topics we covered:

  • What it was like planning their wedding as a gay couple in Southern California
  • Why they had a hard time finding an officiant
  • How to let go on wedding day when you’re a control freak
  • The “oh shit” moment that happens for every couple
  • Why Michael and Andrew disappeared the morning of their wedding
  • Why I tell all my couples “FOR-EV-ER!”
  • Michael and Andrew tell their engagement story
  • What changes when you get married even after you’ve been together for years
  • They share how they met (I can’t tell you how many people meet at clubs!)
  • How I made Michael blush
  • They share how they wanted to be parents and then decided to get married
  • We discuss the difficulties they had with their caterer
  • The high pressure of perfect on weddings
  • How Michael and Andrew feel about their dream wedding over a year later
  • What they remember about their ceremony with me
  • What they didn’t anticipate after the wedding
  • Michael shares his stance on the family drama that happened around their wedding
  • What their favorite memory of their wedding is
  • The advice that they have for wedding professionals
  • How they missed their honeymoon year in exchange for family life
  • We commiserate on parenting little ones
  • Advice to newlyweds ? pick a good honeymoon!
  • What does vintage mean, y’all?!


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