Ep 5 Green Tea with Han

9 May 2017

Han Hills is a humanist celebrant in South Carolina who loves personal and touching ceremonies.

This episode’s drinks: green tea and green jasmine tea.

Topics we covered:

  • Officiant erasure ? why does the belt get credited in wedding magazines but the officiant doesn’t?
  • Why the wedding ceremony isn’t just the necessary thing that has to happen between photos and the party
  • The art of the ceremony
  • Common cup ceremony, including why I created a tequila unity ceremony
  • Why we love it when couples write their own vows even if it means just customizing repeat after me style vows
  • “You create sound ripples that create emotion ripples that change the universe.” ? Han Hills
  • You don’t have to sit through the ceremony to earn the drink!
  • Why we think clergy should be taught how to do ceremonies and not just sermons
  • I share why I’ve considered becoming a Universalist Unitarian minister
  • The importance of ritual in ceremonies and life at large
  • How to be present instead of nervous during a ceremony
  • Why officiants have different rules on how many ceremonies they will do in a day
  • Pricing yourself according to your value
  • “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
  • The logistics of repeat after me vows and personal vows
  • Location affects booking season and wedding season
  • How to schedule more time off for yourself as a wedding pro
  • Why Han started doing audiobooks in between weddings
  • Recommending fellow officiants/celebrants when you’re booked
  • Why I have an online scheduling system to book me online even though some officiants require a meeting first
  • Sexism in choosing a wedding officiant
  • Protecting your time as a wedding professional
  • How we answer inquiries in a timely manner
  • CEO dates as the burnout prevention answer
  • Automation in your wedding business
  • Why befriending your competition is actually getting to know your colleagues
  • Your “about me” page is not about you! Which way does your website face?
  • What are you really selling as a wedding professional?
  • Why we need to stop using meaningless superlatives like “perfect” when describing weddings
  • Attitude of gratitude people!

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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2 comments on “Ep 5 Green Tea with Han

  1. I felt like I was in the room too! Lots of valuable advice and many moments of nodding in enthusiastic agreement. A must listen for all those who take Celebrancy seriously and are passionate about their vocation. I have a regular Tuesday date from now on😀

    • Marie Burns Holzer May 10, 2017

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Diane! We obviously had so much fun chatting. 😀

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