Ep 7 Tequila with Keri

23 May 2017

Keri Rico is one of my elopement photographers and a nerdy friend who is into Doctor Who, table-top gaming, and LARPing (Live-Action Role Play for the uninitiated).


This episode’s drinks:

Wilson Creek Sparkling Almond Wine and Keri’s tequila with lime juice on the rocks


Topics we covered:

  • How Keri and I met
  • Why I say I’m “not kind of minister”
  • Why Keri was so hesitant to join my elopement team
  • Wedding photography versus elopement photography
  • Our favorite Southern California elopement locations
  • Keri’s fear of goose poop and how that elopement still turned out beautifully
  • We talk about LARPing and how that has influenced her relationship
  • There’s a new affordable and offbeat venue in Southern California and Keri is a part of it!
  • Where Keri is at in her own wedding planning
  • How the relationships change with marriage
  • I share how I get to do a Scottish quaich or common cup ceremony with Scotch!
  • We talk about our goals for 2017 and my bucket list


Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

Check out this episode!

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