Ep 3 Coffee with Adrianne

14 Feb 2017

Adrianne Miller is an elopement blogger at SimplyElope.com and we discuss why we love elopements.

This episode’s drinks:

Adrianne was drinking Death Wish coffee and I was drinking a vanilla latte.

Topics we covered:

  • How Adrianne came to blog about elopements
  • What makes an elopement different from an intimate wedding
  • How Adrianne and I discovered each other
  • Why we love elopements so much
  • Dream elopement locations
  • We gush about the romance of weddings as dedicated romantics
  • Officiant blindness (you know I’ll rant about this)
  • The pre-ceremony pow-wow I do before the wedding
  • Why wedding coordinators and planners are so necessary on wedding day
  • What is a concierge elopement service?
  • What makes an amazing elopement
  • Why professionals make all the different, even for an elopement
  • I share several wonderful and ridiculous elopement stories with Adrianne
  • Common misconceptions about elopements
  • Big weddings are a fairly new concept
  • Ethnic and cultural wedding traditions
  • How we’ve experienced different people breaking down on wedding day (if they do at all)
  • How loved ones unwittingly create stress for the couple on wedding day
  • The one thing that Adrianne asks wedding guests to NOT do at the wedding
  • What Adrianne recommends to keep in mind for your elopement
  • Why so many couples elope and then have the big wedding later (you can have both!!)

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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One comment on “Ep 3 Coffee with Adrianne

  1. So happy i heard this. Its perfect for me since i went from planning to eloping. I cannot wait!!

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