Ep 10 Wine with Jessica

11 Jul 2017

Jessica Carrillo of Art & Soul Events is joining us to talk about style, crediting your fellow wedding pros, and how Instagram changed everything for us.

This episode’s drinks: white wine

Topics we covered:

  • Pin-up style and how I stumbled onto Jessica’s work
  • How Jessica got into wedding planning via beauty school, film school, and real estate management
  • Why I love Jessica’s style
  • The importance of giving love (and credit!) to the wedding vendor team
  • Why you should tag and list the vendors in Instagram
  • We revisit officiant erasure
  • The importance of acknowledging the individuals who help the couple along the way
  • How we decided to share our personal lives and behind the scenes tidbits online
  • How Instagram Stories changed the game for Jessica
  • Why we value connecting with our couples as people matters so much
  • How we keep boundaries between our public lives and our personal lives
  • How Jessica adapts her boundaries as a creative entrepreneur
  • Why you don’t need to show your “hot mess” to keep it real
  • How Jessica landed the job with Miss Rockabilly Ruby because of Instagram and Pin Up Girl Clothing
  • We discuss how technology is a great tool and horrible master
  • We talk about Jarvis (my phone) and the apps I use to enable single-tasking
  • How we can help each other as wedding pros so we can all be acknowledged
  • The brilliant way Jessica connects all the vendors by tagging all of the wedding pros the day after the wedding
  • How officiants/celebrants can help make a wedding planner’s life easier
  • Why it’s so important to be nice and check in with our fellow vendors as well as our couples
  • Why limiting the scope of what you do in a contract is so important
  • How part of our job is to educate our clients
  • How Jessica’s style is a blend of masculine and feminine elements, texture and color
  • The way we avoid the “hungry at midnight in the cereal aisle” and “starving at The Cheesecake Factory” experience when we give couples choices
  • Why I rail against the idea that the ceremony doesn’t matter
  • Why Jessica feels the wedding ceremony is the most special, memorable, and life-changing moment of the wedding day
  • How the wedding really does change things
  • Why we love our jobs so damn much
  • “You know it’s good when you made the officiant cry!”

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