Ep 9 Another Beer with Alex

6 Jun 2017

Alex Bruce Photography is back! This time we talk about those FAQ we often get from couples.

This episode’s drinks: Ommegang beer (Alex) and Sonic Screwdriver (me)

Topics we covered:

  • Do you need a second shooter for your wedding?
  • Why you need to ask your officiant more than if they are available on your date and their price
  • Officiant sticker shock
  • Why 30 minutes for your wedding isn’t just 30 minutes of your officiant’s time
  • The benefits of having an engagement session with your photographer
  • Tips for what to wear to your engagement session
  • The art of ceremony
  • I display how little I know about professional cameras
  • What Alex wishes potential clients would ask him
  • What I wish potential clients would ask me
  • How you can incorporate Futurama (or anything else!) into your wedding
  • Why you should stick to your guns about your wedding choices
  • Inspiration versus replication and plagiarism
  • How I take inspiration from the ideas my couples give
  • How to broach the subject when the wedding pro you want is just out of your price range
  • Is the ceremony important to you?
  • Why it’s important for wedding pros to know who their ideal client is
  • Also why it’s important for couples to know their priorities for the wedding
  • Why I wish couples would ask their wedding pros if they have fun doing their job
  • Wedding burnout prevent (hello, fellow wedding pros!)
  • Be nice to your prospects, wedding pros! LOL 😉
  • How wedding pros can better address pain points
  • Why wedding pros debate if we should or shouldn’t put pricing on the website
  • Compatibility with your wedding pros matters
  • My virtual assistant Jarvis is awesome and why I name everything
  • Alex shares his tech story with the Amazon Echo
  • Kids and the funny way they interact with technology
  • Facetiming with long-distance loved ones during the ceremony
  • When you should book your photographer
  • When you should book your officiant
  • We show some love to Type A and Type B personalities and their differences
  • Why wedding pros need to cross the vendor lines
  • Introversion and extroversion in officiants
  • I share if I get emotional at weddings
  • Why it’s so important for wedding pros to decompress and practice self-care

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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