Ep 20 Chai with Chante

11 Jan 2018

This episode’s drinks: chai tea.

Topics we covered:

  • How Chante decided on her business name
  • Chante’s really brilliant Instagram marketing strategy
  • The struggles of rebranding
  • How small business helps you work through your own stuff
  • How Chante determines her workload
  • Mindfulness in your business and in weddings
  • How getting away helped Chante really focus in her daily life
  • The way I struggle with slowing down and being more mindful
  • How Chante made a bride so relaxed that she took a nap on her wedding day
  • How we chose our colors and style for our brands
  • How your values and your couples’ values tie everything together
  • Why Chante didn’t like social media and how she started to figure it out
  • Why Chante and I feel that couples should like certain vendors as if they were to be friends
  • How we use Instagram
  • Where we meet our couples and why we chose those locations
  • How we are trying to do work-life balance
  • Implementing office hours
  • How Chante batches her social media and her blogging
  • How I use blog posts to up my SEO and educate my couples

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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