Ep 15 Tea with Natasha

26 Oct 2017

This episode’s drinks: a proper British cuppa

Topics we covered:

  • What constitutes a good cuppa
  • Why Natasha started Engaged and Ready
  • Winning her first blogging award and then won “Best Bridal Real Talk” award
  • Why we think her most popular blog post has to do with Game of Thrones
  • The issues that block small business owners from hiring help
  • The rule Beyond the To Do List (a GREAT podcast!) gave me about delegation
  • How Natasha went from a BBC journalist to a celebrant ex-pat in Spain
  • The crazy story of Natasha’s first wedding ceremony in Mexico
  • We discuss the “wedding high”
  • The interesting ways that the legal and the ceremonial happens separately in Europe and the UK
  • How celebrants in Australia actually issue the legal marriage paperwork
  • The craziness of getting legally married in Spain (because it’s all about the church ceremony)
  • When tradition enhances the experience versus when tradition gets in the way
  • How we both developed our celebrancy in isolation and why Natasha feels the European Celebrants’ Collective can help
  • How Natasha is bringing more recognition to celebrants
  • Why we so strongly believe that words matter
  • Why I won’t write ceremonies for Uncle Bob to perform
  • The reason I don’t like the term “heart-centered business” and prefer the “value-based business”

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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