Ep 14 Ale with Kaela & Elijah

5 Sep 2017

This episode’s drinks: Grizzly Paw Raspberry Ale and Longshadow’s IPA by Blind Man Brewing


Topics we covered:

  • Why I sat in with Four Brewers’ recording
  • How Kaela and I met (yay WeddingMBA!)
  • How different Canadian and American officiants operate
  • Why officiants should dive out of the way for that first kiss
  • We discuss the importance of the pre-ceremony pow-wow
  • Why I created a tequila unity ceremony (I’m really proud of that thing!)
  • Ways photographers and officiants (and all wedding vendors) can connect with each other
  • Wedding season in Calgary versus wedding season in Southern California
  • Kaela and Elijah explain what an iron pack is to me and how he got frostbite during a photo shoot for a couple
  • I explain California desert heat for wedding season
  • I share how Joshua Tree is so remote and the desert is just huge
  • Kaela and Elijah share how large and wild Canada is
  • How we try to point our couples to less popular spots to avoid crowds and drama
  • How we figure out our maximums for the year
  • Why Mondays and Thursdays are gaining popularity in Canada
  • We share our wedding day routines
  • We ask why couples think we need to start hours and hours before sunset?
  • Why we distract our couples when photographers are taking pictures
  • How those quiet moments are the ones your photographers want couples to experience
  • We discuss the feeling of sonder (that everyone has a story)
  • Kaela & Elijah discuss how they work as a married couple and business partners
  • Figuring out how to grow artistically
  • Why resting and having outside interests help you grow as a wedding vendor
  • What the wedding is really about (pssst: LOVE)
  • The cultural expectations surrounding American and Canadian weddings
  • How different it is becoming an officiant in Canada and the U.S.
  • We discuss the trends we’d be glad to be rid of
  • Why I LOVED What Not to Wear
  • Kaela and I share a mad love pin-up style and dresses with POCKETS
  • Kaela and Elijah share what they wish couples would ask photographers
  • What they wish other wedding pros would do so they can do their jobs better
  • How much we love it when couples just roll with it!


Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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2 comments on “Ep 14 Ale with Kaela & Elijah

  1. Holy Crap we talked about a lot of things…

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