Ep 13 Iced Tea with Laura

29 Aug 2017

This episode’s drinks: Iced Tea with a splash of lemonade


Topics we covered:

  • How Laura went from a solo officiant to an agency
  • How to define what your skill set really is
  • When getting assistant makes sense
  • What is an OBM or online business manager
  • The different ways we made decisions about time versus money
  • How we have had to learn to let go of control in our businesses
  • How Tim Ferriss explains preparing for the worst case scenario
  • Why reading is so important to our creativity
  • “The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.” Laura Cannon
  • Why the work-life balance isn’t the goal, integration is!
  • How entrepreneurship can take over your life and if that’s a good thing
  • How we handle the problem of serial entrepreneurship
  • How Laura tries to maintain being present
  • Laura shares how some massive losses in her life have taught her to take time
  • Laura’s quarter of “Saying No”
  • Why Laura decided to take time to enjoy other people’s creativity
  • Why I’m making more room for celebrating and reveling in other’s art


Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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