Ep 12 Coffee with Trego

25 Jul 2017

This episode’s drinks: Mexican coffee (2 oz espresso, 1.5 oz of Kahlua, 6 oz of milk)

Topics we covered:

  • We share our love of Disney
  • Trego asks about my origin story as an officiant
  • How I try to avoid burnout
  • Why Uncle Bob may or may not know what’s up
  • I share with Trego my diverse religious background
  • How you never know what a couple will remember
  • Trego shares his origin story as a DJ
  • Why the wedding industry attracts a lot of actors, musicians, and other entertainers
  • Why we love the wedding industry
  • CEO dates and why they are so important
  • Applying the Pareto Principle to my officiating business
  • Why I admire people who can run agencies and the skill set that is required
  • What it took for me to really fly my geek flag high
  • How success can be addicting and challenging
  • Trego shares his favorite part of the wedding day with couples
  • The vulnerability of working weddings
  • I share with Trego why I do the pre-wedding pow-wow
  • The weirdness of vendors being gendered in the wedding industry
  •  I share my officiating webinar series that’s in the works
  • We discuss the virtues of different style mics
  • How Vox DJs solves the technical situations for a ceremony
  • How Trego and I handle cell phones during a ceremony
  • Why families can be so overwhelming during weddings
  • Who my clients are and why the ceremony needs to matter even if you just want to get to the party
  • Networking with other wedding pros

Links to the awesome things and people mentioned:

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